Tragedy on Gallery Row

Last night, a terrible tragedy occurred on the streets of Gallery Row during the monthly Downtown LA Art Walk.  A mere one block north of where Niche.LA is located, this accident hits terribly close to home.  From what I understand off reports from BlogDowntown and LAist, a baby was killed when a car jumped a curb while parallel parking.  The driver mistakenly hit the gas instead of the brakes.  Drugs and alcohol are not suspected and the driver was not charged… but it still leaves a mother and community at an unspeakable loss.

I don’t know how to articulate exactly how I’m feeling.  Based on the current reports, it was an accident.  The driver was not under the influence, but was driving barefoot during the moment in question.  The mother was taking her two month old baby on a stroll during the Downtown Art Walk at 9 at night.  Then they met… and that changed everything.

I’ve been reading some terrible comments left by readers on BlogDowntown.  From selfish residents still complaining of noise levels (leave if you don’t like it) to someone actually blaming the mother (unbelievably cold-hearted and callous).  People are demanding a statement from Art Walk, with minimal-to-no understanding of how it actually works.  They call for streets to be closed, as if that’s the answer and it’s as easy as flipping a switch.  They want to live in an urban environment, but only on their own terms.  It’s Not-In-My-Balcony, because nobody has backyards in Downtown.  And they wrongly assume, Art Walk makes tons of money off any of this.  I’ve read more misperceptions than I can count and I wonder how many of them actually purchase art at art walk.  Not one offered to volunteer their time or to donate money to help figure this out.

Well, I don’t run art walk, but I did co-found the Gallery Row district which inspired it. And never did I imagine a baby would die like that.  I only have this to say.  To all you haters. Listen… you.  A baby just died.  Right now, it’s not about you.  Let it be for a moment at least, so a mother can grieve.  My utmost sincere condolences to all that were hurt or involved in this tragic accident.  — Nic

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