Temporal Resonance

Temporal Resonance is an experimental mix-media video piece that explores the consciousness of an elderly woman suffering from Alzheimer’s. Her fall into Dementia is shown by juxtaposing everyday objects against Nature’s backdrop and defined by mathematical formulas where variables are vegetables and numbers are tricycles. Images are arranged to evoke the idea that routine becomes repetition, which creates and cancels meaning where it once was understood.

Temporal Resonance was shot on Mini-DV and animated with Tiffs.

Inez A. Kimble as Alzheimer’s Sufferer
Evan Sisson as Reaper

Music Performed by: Six Hands
1st Guitar Carlo Valte
2nd Guitar Mariano Aguirre
3rd Guitar Srdjan Berdovic

Executive Producer: Nic Cha Kim

Produced by Nic Cha Kim & Sean Aldrin
Written by Sean Aldrin & Nic Cha Kim
Directed by Sean Aldrin