work by Alexander Silyanov, Cole Thompson, and Elle Nicolai
curated by Marcela Garate

LOS ANGELES, CA – On July 13, 2006 (12:00 – 9:00PM), Niche.LA presents “THRee,” curated by Marcela Garate, featuring digital artists Alexander Silyanov, Cole Thompson, and Elle Nicolai.

“I was born into a world of black and white” – Cole Thompson. In a world filled with black and white, Cole Thompson explores mysterious and captivating landscapes, surreal and yet real. For Cole, “color records the image, but black and white captures the feelings that lie beneath the surface.” Cole’s photography is unlike any other, involving the subconscious and penetrating a fine line between reality and dreams.

From the coast of the Black Sea in the Ukraine, Alexander Silyanov, a digital abstract artist concentrating on the themes of life, love, and non-existence into his work. “I love to create something never seen before. It is my sense of being here.” His work combines enigmatic thought into color, seducing in its dynamic abstracticity.

Elle Nicolai is an artist of the spirit dedicated to “healing and transformation through art.” To manifest her intensions, she incorporates ancient, shamanic as well as tribal symbols and aesthetics in her work. Her abstract and often primitive symbolism, along with her resplendent use of color and her exquisite dancing forms and lines, help the viewer feel, reflect, and expand consciousness.

Situated in the heart of Gallery Row on the 4th floor of the Spring Arts Tower, Niche.LA is a dedicated mixed-media/digital art gallery and private 18-seat screening room. Located at 453 S. Spring St. #441, Los Angeles, CA 90013 (, Niche.LA is operated by Nic Cha Kim. Nic also serves as President/Co-Founder of Gallery Row Organization (GRO) and Resident Producer of Lodestone Theatre Ensemble.

“THRee” – curated by Marcela Garate
453 S. Spring St. #441, Los Angeles, CA 90013
July 13th & August 10th, 12:00 – 9:00PM
Additional viewings by appointment only