Niche.LA Video Art presents Transdissipation
new digital artwork by James Adams
curated by Nic Cha Kim

LOS ANGELES, CA – On June 11, 2009 from 4-9PM during the Downtown Art Walk in Gallery Row, Niche.LA Video Art presents “Transdissipation,” original video and digital artwork by James Adams.

James lives and works in downtown Los Angeles. His work spans across media and disciplines from video and sound to sculpture, photography, printmaking, and painting.  Adams has exhibited throughout Southern California at venues including The Constant Gallery, Kellogg Art Gallery, i-5 Gallery, Soundwalk and the University Art Museum at CSULB.  His single channel videos have screened at the Experimental Edit International Video Festival in Auckland, New Zealand.

Noise, as in the static or snow of an untuned television, is usually considered empty of content and chaotic and random in form.  In fact, it is overloaded with information, but in an unfocused state (approximately one percent of this noise is the effect of residual electromagnetic waves left over from the formation of the universe). These qualities make it an appropriate starting place for exploring visual aspects of form and formlessness.  I use both visual and auditory elements of noise as raw material for one line of work that explores altered states of perception and consciousness and the brain’s inherent tendencies to enter these states.