Gallery Rowan

video art by Ken Cravens, Lustre, Michael Allen & woodywise
curated by Nic Cha Kim

A video art explosion by Ken Cravens, Lustre, Michael Allen & woodywise

On March 13, 2008, Niche.LA Video Art presents Gallery Rowan, sponsored by Downtown Properties. A video art explosion on the side of the Rowan Building facing Spring St., artists Ken Cravens, Lustre, Michael Allen, and woodywise will project video art 6:30 – 10:30PM. Take a seat and enjoy complimentary popcorn in the Rowan parking lot as we light it up with the largest video art display to ever grace a Downtown loft wall!


woodywise: A Downtown artist and experimental filmmaker, woodywise has shot over 50 projects including features films, music videos, and commercials. As co-owner of Niche Video Art, a participating gallery in the Downtown Art Walk, his video installations project imagery using found and original footage and include a live video set mixed on site that includes thought out sequences that are beautifully layered and equally social conscious.

Title of Video: Light Angeles
Video Description: woodywise will be employing his analogue VJ setup and demonstrate how to create original live multi-channel compositions using a combination of sources from found archival footage, screen output, live cameras, and pre-recorded video.

MICHAEL ALLEN : As a VJ, Michael focuses on uniting the contemporary and the historical, as well as the narrative and the abstract. He incorporates rich, high-contrast patters and textures with raunchy clips and live footage, playing with time, scale, and opacity throughout. Michael’s video content mingles fluxus, film noir, turntablism, naturalism, and pop culture with chaos, contrast, and humor.

Title of Video: SOUL OR SYSTEM?
Video Description: in this age of digital information, it is becoming harder and harder to tell where it’s all coming from. is it a system put in place by a Universal Consciousness, manifesting as this harsh reality – free of imperfections and structured to BE exactly right – EXISTING in eternal order and perfect harmony as mankind moves ignorantly into our future – together?
or is it actually the soul of MAN – expressing itself in all it’s darkness and glory? did WE make these decisions, or are we doing everything that we were programmed to do to begin with?
are we getting closer to understanding?
and if so, is it supposed to be that way?
are we writing the code – or is it US, as human beings who are actually the if/then statements that make up the html of all of existence?
is it soul?
or is it a system?
now, think…

LUSTRE : Lustre is an interdisciplinary creative group that addresses socio-cultural issues through the convergence of arts and technology. Blurring the lines between a studio and an art + design collective, Lustre explores such issues as the transformation of human identity, sensory revitalization of space, human interaction with media and the synthesis of design with new and old technologies to facilitate powerful and engaging audio-visual experiences. Lustre has been developing and producing art projects, videos, experimental animations, multimedia installations and performances since 2002. The diverse artistic works that have stemmed out of the 7 years of collaboration have been shown in national and international galleries, events, competitions and festivals. Lustre is led by Dmitry Kmelnitsky and Kalim Chan, who both hold an MFA in Design | Media Arts from UCLA.

Title of Video: What Stirs Inside?
Video Description: “What Stirs Inside?” is a video projection environment created by Lustre. This glance – a peek, a gaze, a peer is but a glimpse of what we fear, of what we yearn for and admire, of what we “common folk” aspire. The video playhouse stirs with this and more, so sit or stand and watch the show, it is a vision to behold as this urban fairy tale unfolds.

KEN CRAVENS : Ken Cravens is a filmmaker based out of Los Angeles who has written and directed over 70 music videos and edited 8 feature films. An experienced post production/audio production/visual effects post artist, Ken has worked on films and music videos for parent companies Universal, Paramount, Lions Gate, Jim Henson Company, Hurst Publications, Marvel Comics and Viacom. Projects have aired on MTV, A&E, VH1, Current TV, IFILM, Netflix and Theaters near you.

Title of video: Obliquity of the Ecliptic
Video Description: The video camera is a paintbrush to be manipulated by fingers, eyes, and computers. By twisting light waves gathered by the camera, we can conform sequences to both hypnotize and bend reality. The eye is driven to the subversive limelight, micro in macro. By using video as layered palettes, definitions of light instances are controlled and intentional. This media is filled with moments from a world manipulated and pulsed to hypnotize, synchronous in its own unique time. By highlighting the emotion of the individual in a heightened state of reality, unconventional stories spill out — helplessly expressive without hesitation to reflect, motivate and captivate the viewer.

Situated in the heart of Gallery Row on the 4th floor of the Spring Arts Tower, Niche.LA Video Art is located at 453 S. Spring St. #443, Los Angeles, CA 90013. Operated by Nic Cha Kim and Woody Wise, Niche.LA Video Art has curated and produced over 30 digital & video art shows throughout Downtown Los Angeles since July 2005. Often showcasing new disciplines such as cell-phone photography, digital video, machinima, cracktros, generative art, and CGI, Niche.LA is dedicated to expanding video arts into public spaces accessible to a wider audience.

Nic Cha Kim is a Korean American writer, video artist, and community activist. In July 2005, Nic opened Niche.LA Video Art with a cellphone photography and video show. Since then, Nic’s work curating cutting edge digital and video art by local and international artists has been recognized in Art Forum, LA Times, and the Downtown News. Nic is best known for founding Gallery Row. While serving as Co-Chair of the Arts, Aesthetics, & Culture Committee of the Downtown LA Neighborhood Council, Nic wrote a proposal to create Gallery Row, a gallery district in the center of Downtown Los Angeles. Embraced by LA City Council, Gallery Row became a reality a few short months later. Since then, Nic has served as President of Gallery Row Organization.