Spellbound Opening Saturday February 11 at Tarot Society.
Small but mighty gallery and reading room Tarot Society has been going strong since its opening a couple years ago, and this week is no exception. While they’re still offering a variety of classes, readings, and music nights, this Saturday they will open their latest art show. Spellbound is a solo show featuring the visual artwork of Chris Carlone, a local multidisciplinary artist who works predominantly in photography and video, but also exists in the performance realm as a Butoh dancer and musician / performance artist. Spellbound will showcase many film and digital portraits of other local artists, in addition to video art and sound pieces. At the opening, expect good vibes brought by NYC accordionist Melissa Elledge, performances by Omer Gal and Jacquelyn Marie Shannon, and music from Irrevery’s Paige Johnson Brown.

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