Say it with mirrors

Ms Jonas’s Milan show features 20 works incorporating screens of various sizes, chalkboard drawings and photographs. Bookending the exhibition are her oldest and her newest pieces: “Wind” (1968), a silent black-and-white film in which figures move on a distant snowy beach, and “Beautiful Dog” (2014), where her pet Ozu runs along the beach with a camera on its collar that captures some of the images. In “The Shape, the Scent, the Feel of Things” (2004-05) she pulls a cart with a stuffed coyote on it (pictured), and in “Reanimation” (2010) she uses images of Nordic landscapes and animals to evoke the fragility of nature, one of her main current concerns. She says she will revisit the same theme in her Venice show.

Nic Cha Kim

  • 213-290-6290
  • 333 S. Grand Ave. Suite 450, Los Angeles, CA 90071

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