Mike and Claire Present: Fried Eggs

Mike and Claire are a collaborative artist duo based in New York who craft bizarre worlds through GIFS, film and performance. VICE readers may remember the psychedelic Easter Sunday GIFS they made for us a couple months back. In recent press their work has been compared to a wide range of artists, ranging from Cindy Sherman and Ryan Trecartin to Tim and Eric

Here’s the world premiere of their new video, Fried Eggs. Inspired by the recent rise in feminism in pop culture (Pussy Riot, etc.) Mike and Claire were interested in contributing to current discourse in the media through actions rather than words. “The idea of an action being more powerful then words inspired the lack of dialogue and an importance on movement and sound,” they told VICE. “We wanted to create a modern cartoon, that represented how we feel, but at the same time paid homage to people who are making aggressive changes for women.”

Watch the video

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