Niche.LA Video Art is a LA Weekly Web Awards Finalist!

Niche.LA Video Art is a ‘Best Tumblr’ finalist for the 2013 LA Weekly Web Awards! There are lots of great categories and picks to choose from and it feels great to be among them!

Starting a little over a year ago, we’ve posted and reblogged over 1,1000 different articles covering video art, light art, 3d mapping, glitch, machinima, nanoart, and all forms of generative art such as fractal and microscopic art.

We started the Tumblr page in April 2012 as an online extension of our gallery to promote the kind of video art we wanted to exhibit at Niche.LA Video Art.  For an international art form, micro-blogging seemed an ideal platform to promote video artists outside my client roster and to expand interest in a burgeoning art form that hasn’t exactly caught on with the art market.

After 7 years, we decided to close the gallery in Sept 2012 and transition our business to video production full-time but keep with our video art roots.  To that end, we maintained the Niche.LA Video Art Tumblr strictly as a video art resource.

We post Call-for-Video-Artists announcements, reblog photos from digital art festivals, and post 3D mapping videos.  Whatever we think is useful for video artists, we will post it and let you know about it.  Niche.LA aims to bring you the most compelling, modern, and technologically exciting forms of visual art available on the art market today.

Just happy to be nominated and included in the running… Thank you everybody for all your support.

And if you haven’t already, please check out our Tumblr:
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