The trinidad+tobago film festival and ARC Magazine have issued an open call for all artists working in video art, sound art, interactive installation and experimental film to submit works to be included in the third annual New Media 2013 program.

Artists from the Caribbean and its diaspora, or artists who address these spaces in their work, are eligible to apply.

A collaborative effort between the trinidad+tobago film festival and ARC Magazine, New Media 2013 will present an overview of experimental video and film works for the third incarnation of the exhibit. New Media 2012 showcased the works of 49 artists, and its predecessor, 10 artists’ works, which exposed a wide range of scenarios and interrogations that are relevant to the space of the Caribbean and its diaspora.

New Media 2013 will take place from September 23-28 at Medulla Art Gallery, located at 34 Fitt Street in Woodbrook, Port of Spain.

Nic Cha Kim

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