Christian Marclay’s The Clock: 24-Hour Screening

Saturday, April 20, 2013 | 12 pm

Through Sunday, April 21 | 12 pm

LACMA presents another special twenty-four-hour screening of Christian Marclay’s The Clock beginning Saturday, April 20, at noon and ending at noon on Sunday, April 21. The Clock is a twenty-four-hour single-channel montage constructed from thousands of moments of cinema and television history depicting the passage of time. Marclay has excerpted each of these moments from their original contexts and edited them together to create a functioning timepiece synchronized to local time wherever it is viewed—marking the exact time in real time for the viewer for twenty-four consecutive hours. The sampled clips come from films of all genres, time periods, and cultures, some lasting only seconds, others minutes, and have been culled from hundreds of films, famous and obscure, into a seamless whole. The result, a melding of video and reality, unfolds with a seemingly endless cast of cameos. By making the film available in its entirety, this free screening will allow The Clock to be viewed the way Marclay has intended.

April 20, 12 pm to April 21, 12 pm

Bing Theater | Free; first-come first-served, no reservations | Special members-only line. Limit two adults per membership | Between 8 pm on April 20 and 11 am on April 21, enter the museum at Wilshire and Spaulding | Park in the lot on the corner of Wilshire and Spaulding for $10 (free from 7 pm to 6 am) | Film may not be appropriate for all ages | LACMA Café will be open 10 am–6 pm April 20 and April 21 with a special RED pop-up dinner at midnight on April 20 in honor of The Clock | Ray’s will be open for lunch, 11:30 am–3 pm  and 5–11 pm for dinner on April 20 and 11:30 am–3 pm for lunch and 5–10 pm for dinner on April 21 | Stark Bar will be open until 2 am and serving food until midnight on April 20 | Coffee + Milk will be open 10 am–10 pm April 20 and 6 am–7 pm on April 21 | An overnight coffee cart will be available on the L.A. Times Central Court from 10 pm on Saturday, April 20, to 6 am on Sunday, April 21.

Image: Christian Marclay, details from The Clock, 2010, purchased with funds provided by Steve Tisch through 2011 Collectors Committee, The Clock © Christian Marclay, courtesy Paula Cooper Gallery, New York

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