Moving Image NYC The Contemporary Video Art Fair

Video art can be up there with performance when it comes to producing near complete bafflement in those not already acquainted with the ideas and norms of contemporary art.

The art-lover searching for a Yoko Ono piece online is in for a shock: YouTube helpfully suggests, as one begins to type her name, that you might be looking for ‘Yoko Ono singing horribly’. I suppose you sort-of might be looking for that, but it rather misses the point. I think video suffers, partly, in that you cannot easily see how to own it. A masterpiece is always priceless. So what is something without a price?

This brings us to the third annual Moving Image Video Art Fair, a brave and fascinating attempt to exhibit and sell video art, which took place in New York earlier this month. Moving Image took a rather genteel, not to say avant-garde approach to sales, and this year it made a few trend-setting waves by being the first to sell a piece of art made on Vine, Twitter’s micro-video service, for a bite-size $200.

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