The american video artist Bill Viola has said that: “The digital era will overwhelm us, as it happened with the industrial revolution. And I am not talking about technological changes, such as the internet, Twitter or in art. The changes will hit all of life: from politics to science, from medicine to culture. Will change our way of life. The role of artists will be even more relevant. Our vision will communicate knowledge and compassion.” The project schedule that 100 videoartists, from all continents, are invited to participate; every of them will produce a video artwork inspired by one of the 100 years of the previous century. The pairings are done randomly. All the videos will form a show that will be taked around the world during 2013. But there are other ways you can be part of project! Go on 100×100=900 website and discover more…

Nic Cha Kim

  • 213-290-6290
  • 333 S. Grand Ave. Suite 450, Los Angeles, CA 90071

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