Ever since I saw this video-mapping project The 600 Years by The Macula when it was posted on Vimeo 2 years ago, I’ve been promoting video art through social media ever since… and now my Niche.LA Video Art Tumblr Blog has reached over 25K followers!  Just wanted to share the video that started it all!  It’s seriously epic and I’ve been chasing this dragon ever since!

The 600 Years

Mapping during 600 years anniversary of the astronomical tower clock situated at Old Town Square in center of Prague.

Concept and animations by The Macula (Amar Mulabegović, Dan Gregor)

Coworking animators:
Michal Kotek
Lukáš Duběda

data-live (data-live.cz)

Tomato Production (tomatoproduction.cz)

Nic Cha Kim

  • 213-290-6290
  • 333 S. Grand Ave. Suite 450, Los Angeles, CA 90071

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