Desire directed by Eric Heights screening in Downtown LA

Eric Heights directs short video, Desire.

Hey All, Nic Cha Kim here.  Got a few minutes before I head out to Niche.LA Resident Director Eric Heights’s screening of his new short video, Desire.   I’m beaming with pride for my homie here… it’s a remarkable 24 min video filled with music, dance, intrigue, drama… Difficult to describe, it’s a story comprised of 5 music videos of varying styles and I commend Eric for his drive, passion, and unique style of filmmaking.


Here’s a story about Eric… I almost closed Niche.LA in 2009… After operating strictly as a video art gallery, the building shut us down because the Downtown Art Walk got too popular.  We survived while it was classy, but when it turned into the monster it is today, graf started up on my bathroom walls, and people started breaking into the other offices.  I don’t blame the building owner for closing me down considering I’d do the same thing if I were in his shoes… so we had to rebrand or close.

That’s when Eric came into the picture.  He didn’t want to see Niche close and offered to help pay the overhead every month just to see it keep going.  That’s exactly how Niche.LA partner, Ces Hardy, got involved too.  All filmmakers, they believed in the mission of video art.  And so we kept going… we stayed open as we worked to figure out how to grow as a business, but basically start all over again.

I maintained the Niche.LA video art twitter feed just to stay in the game.  But I couldn’t show anymore.  So instead of curating, we started creating… Eric has directed more than 40 music videos, short documentaries, and videos; Ces has produced features in Korea and currently works on Southland; and I’ve done my little part too. It became clear which direction our business was going… into producing.

I’m excited today because I get to support Eric’s video.  We’re also all meeting together to discuss this new direction for Niche.LA. We’re going to open an online store and we’re offering acting and writing classes every Monday and Tuesday night. Niche.LA has evolved over the last 6 years since we opened, but we still want to serve our community and raise awareness for video art.  Anyways… this is getting pedantic now… Thanks for reading.  And congrats to Eric Heights. — Nic

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